I am very excited to help you with the design session of your house!

To help me better understand what you have contracted us to build I have taken the time to review the floor plan, standard features, and upgrades outlined in your contract. Prior to starting our design session, we will review and approve architectural drawings, Pool CAD (if applicable), the Cabinet Layout, and the Site Plan, which are all derived from your contract and based on the floorplan, features and lot location you selected.

Once we have those documents approved we will begin the process of picking out the designs and finishes for your electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, inside/outside colors, door styles and cabinet colors/styles. Should you decide to add any non-structural options or additional upgrades this is the time to do it. There exists a small window of opportunity at this meeting, providing your selections are approved and paid for prior to your scheduled construction start.

All your final selections will be photo documented, signed off on and stored in our Builder software system for easy access by you and our subcontractors. This further ensures that you receive exactly what you contracted with us to build.

To offer the best possible home building experience at the best possible value please remember an allotment of 3 hours is specified in your contract for the design session of your home. We are very proficient in streamlining the design process to optimize your experience and it is very rare that we run over the allotted time. In the unlikely event your design session takes over 3 hours; each additional hour will assess a charge of $150.  To help avoid this additional fee, I encourage you to browse this website to attain a better understanding of products and features we offer in preparation for the session.

We are excited to now offer clients the option of a virtual design session if you are not local to the Cape Coral area. We have several visual resources to offer of the showroom selections for a successful virtual session and of course, we will continue to offer in person sessions as well.

Your contract includes one Design Session for up to 3 hours for either option.

I look forward to designing your dreams with you!